indivisible, with liberty and justice and healthcare and marriage for all.

We resist, together.

The resistance starts with you! However, great works take great people working together. We are INDIVISIBLE SPOKANE. We welcome your participation and we serve as a home for:

1)  OPERATION SNOWFLAKE designed to have an Impact on the NATIONAL elections

2) A COMMUNITY CALENDAR, which is inspired by The RESISTANCE Calendar created by Michael Moore and aggregates events in a similar fashion, and all of our local groups like Planned Parenthood, PJALS, Spokane County Democrats, & Washington CAN. Please contact us with other calendars that should be here.

3) A conduit for people to decide where else they would like to participate.

4) We will also be exploring reading lists to provide context, Weekly updates from our members for Accountability



Possible Cathy Sightings for Where’s Cathy FB page? |  PETITIONS: |  CALL TO ACTION


5) Also, we will have Email addresses, if you’d like to more formally get involved and make it look professional, but we are always just a grass roots organization.

6 )There have been many crafters and Sign makers who we feel should be embraced and supported for their work, we will try to have LINKs here to them so that you can purchase items like Pussyhats, Where’s Cathy yard signs etc…We will explore the possibilities of  having a “store” if needed.

Our main Goal is to minimize Trump, Trumpism and hatred, while we restore more democratic rule in our nation, state, county, cities and towns.

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